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Great design is timeless, not trendy. Yet great design is never without challenges. Your tastes and preferences, your budget, the nuances of your land, and how to perfectly capture the glow of morning sunlight with your coffee are but a few of the many challenges we face when creating a custom home together. Viewing these challenges as opportunities is what sets us apart. Using your vision, our award-winning creativity, and a genuine commitment to seeing far beyond “just putting the pieces together,” we'll work together with you to craft a special place that is a timeless reflection of you—your personality, your passion, the world which you wish your family to inhabit not only today, but for years to come.

...your step by step procedure was as advertised. We always felt like we were "in the loop." What a fun and rewarding process!...

At Alexandra Homes, we believe a custom home should be a joy to live in. And just as importantly, we believe the process of building it should be a joy to experience. While building, your peace of mind springs from our structured, organized, and disciplined process, our family oriented atmosphere, and our award-winning design and construction know-how. Communication is paramount to our process, and listening to you is always our number one priority. Paul, Nestor, and the rest of the Alexandra team are always accessible by phone, email, or in person, communicating with you every step of the way.

We offer a complete "turnkey" service, from initial design sketches to final delivery and beyond. And our system is flexible; if you already have plans, or prefer to enroll your own pre-selected architect, we are more than happy to coordinate your efforts, offer opinions, and help create your perfect home together.

From the moment you become our client, you'll feel confident as we guide you through our design & construction stages, resulting in an enjoyable building experience and a successful outcome that will delight you and exceed your initial vision.



STAGE 1:  Free Initial Project Design & Budget Consultation

Your customer experience begins here, with our absolutely free, "no-strings" design and budget consultation. Here is where we explore your project's possibilities, feasibility, budget, and ask important questions regarding your dream home or remodeling project.  It's where we can bounce around ideas and options, also laying the initial groundwork for the steps to follow. Our meetings goals are always the same:  to provide you with a relaxed, informative, "no-pressure" overview of information and process to help you decide if our services are a good fit with your project. No sales pitches or tactics whatsoever.  At the end of our meeting, if you feel that it makes sense to talk further, we can discuss the next steps.  We also understand that we aren't always the right company for every project or client, and if that's the case, we will part ways with a smile and well wishes.  The decision to move forward (or not) is always left in your hands, pressure free.

Stage 2:  We Listen

To help create a place that truly reflects you as an individual, we need to know what you're about. We listen—to your vision, your concepts, your style, your dreams, your needs, your comforts, your likes and dislikes, and your budget. Together we explore your family’s daily routine, your entertaining style, how you like to relax. We will review various "green building methods" and energy saving possibilities. By collaborating together with you as a team during this programming stage, your highly personalized floorplan and specifications will develop from this real-life study, resulting in a home that fits your lifestyle (and budget) like a glove.

Stage 3:  The Drawing Board

As an award-winning, design/build company, we begin our journey utilizing the information acquired during our design meetings and conversations (or we’ll use the plans you have already commissioned). Our goal is unwavering- to take your vision, goals, budget, lifestyle, and land nuances and put to paper a home which captures your personality and absolutely delights you. Simultaneously, a detailed scope of work is developed, providing accurate costing of the project and its various options. Accounting for every detail, reviewing selection options, and documenting everything clearly in writing spares you the hold-ups and major cost overruns so common in custom builds. Together, we’ll work to mold and remold until you’re thrilled.

Stage 4:  You Personalize Your Home’s Details

With our highly skilled Selections Coordinator, our A.S.I.D. certified Interior Decorator (free with every build) and our hand-picked suppliers/design specialists as your personal resource, you will select the flooring, tiles, fixtures, trim details, colors and finishes that match your personal sense of “home.” Already have a relationship with a decorator? No problem—we’re happy to coordinate and assist with your trusted advisor. And unlike many other builders, we don’t inhibit your creativity by limiting your selection choices to what we have displayed under our roof (nor do we pass on the overhead burden of a "selection center"). There are just too many fabulous options becoming available daily (literally) that cannot possibly fit, be managed, or kept current under one roof, and we believe personalized unique choices are exactly what true custom building is all about. Ever wonder why so many supposedly “custom” homes (even million dollar ones) look alike? Same colors, similar exteriors, same faucets, same flooring, same trim details, similar floorplans, same "look." We will help you create the extraordinary.

Stage 5:  From the Ground Up

...this was our fourth custom build, and we always thought we had good experiences, but working directly with the talented company owners of a smaller company from design through construction made us realize what we've missed. Our home is extraordinary, and we would highly recommend Alexandra to anyone that wanted a true custom build experience.

As a family owned, low-volume, “hands-on” custom builder, your home will now begin the construction phase at the personal direction of the company owners—Paul and Nestor Papageorge.  And because we are intimately involved with our clients in literally every single aspect of their home—from initial design concept, through selections, construction, warranty and beyond, we are acutely aware of every single detail of your project.

Stage 6:  Living the Dream—Your Alexandra Fine Home

When your home is complete, you’ll enjoy a formal orientation and we’ll proudly hand you the keys to your castle. This is where your real journey begins. A story filled with pride in ownership, comfort, and inspiration—a spirited sanctuary where your family can grow roots and sprout wings… We welcome you to our growing family and your Alexandra Fine Home.

Stage 7: The Future… and Beyond

Our entire company philosophy is built upon a passion for client satisfaction—and we mean satisfaction for as long as you inhabit your Alexandra Fine Home. So we remain available to you even beyond the warranty period for help and advice on any topic about your home you would like to discuss. And as your trusted builder, we are rewarded with the inevitable friendships created when working so closely with our clients, and always enjoy “catching up” on your family's journey in your new Alexandra Fine Home.

Contact us to schedule your free, "no-strings" design & budget consultation today!