What Price Range Do We Build In?

The Chesapeake Bay, part of our exclusive Nantucket Series

We’re asked questions like these all the time:


“We love what you do, but can we afford your custom services?”

“Do you build smaller homes?”

“We’d like something well built and architecturally interesting, but …”

“We purchased a lot in a new development and all the builders’ homes look the same.  Can we afford to stay in our budget and still do something a little different?”

The answer to any of the above questions is most often “yes.”  While we’ve certainly constructed many large upscale homes, we’ve also successfully designed and built many wonderfully thought-out, smaller, more modestly priced homes and additions that positively delighted our clients. In fact, many clients are surprised to find that our award-winning custom design/build services are often very competitively priced compared to other builders who resort to pre-drawn home plans, quasi-custom design, and limited, pre-selected finish options to lower their prices. We don’t have a “semi-custom” division, or a modified, watered down process for our smaller homes– in fact, we feel that the very same process that has been so successful in higher-end homes is equally valuable and important in more modest sized homes and budgets. Great design is great design, and quality is quality. In addition, being a low volume, hands-on building company with award winning “in-house” design capabilities allows us to offer value, meticulous attention, and personalized service to each customer that just isn’t possible with larger organizations carrying big staffs and huge overhead. Your project is never just a number to us, and each project is treated with equal importance– from design, to construction, through warranty and beyond.

Our process is simple:  We start with an absolutely free, “no-strings attached” design and budget consultation. No sales pitches, pressure, or dog & pony shows. Just a relaxed and informative meeting where we’ll sit down with you and review your project goals, listen to your thoughts and needs, honestly discuss your budget, and offer input & suggestions. The goal is for you as a potential client to determine if there’s a possible fit between you, your project, and our company’s services.  Sometimes the answer is that there isn’t a fit, and that’s perfectly ok– your time is valuable and we will cordially end the process with a handshake and well wishes (we understand that we aren’t always the right builder for every client or every project).  Or, you may decide that there is a match and that it would be beneficial to talk and explore further.  The steps in our process are clearly defined, and the choice is always yours, every step of the way.

Can you afford us?  Give us a call at 440-557-5166 or click here and let’s talk…  you just might be surprised.