The “Outdoor Room.” (aka Spring is here!)


Now that spring is finally here..

Imagine starting a fire, enjoying a nice glass of wine, watching a ballgame, or the kids having a scary-movie sleepover night… all comfortably outdoors!

cabana-nightsHere’s a great cabana we designed and built with a simple yet elegant Greek Revival vibe to compliment the main home’s architecture.  We treat this type of place, whether attached to the home or not, as an “outdoor room.” Care is taken during the design phase to consider the way the structure and space interacts both functionally and aesthetically with the main home, whether you are enjoying the outdoor space itself, or viewing it from within the home. This “connection” to nature is an integral part of our “inside-out/outside-in” design philosophy, and is carefully considered as we create visually stunning, comfortable, light-filled and welcoming places which together work as more than the sum of their parts. Places that elevate your mood and make you feel good when you are part of them. Places that become a welcome respite. Places you never want to leave!

When designing a new home, sometimes these extra spaces are not in the initial budget, but planning carefully for them makes all the difference in the world. It’s no accident that we’ve won first place for “Best Outdoor Room” at the Cleveland Choice Awards three years running.

These beautiful and useful places are equipped with all the amenities necessary to extend our outdoor season, including fireplaces, gas log-lighters, additional heat sources, ceiling fans, television, music, surround sound, wifi, and some even include kitchens. We design in many different styles as appropriate to each project, and use honest, natural materials which compliment the surrounding landscape and main home.

Spring is here…  If you have a special project or are considering the design & building of a new custom home, give us a call at 440-557-5166 or click here to schedule our absolutely free, “no-strings” design & budget consultation. We are filling up fast!