Architectural “Daylighting” in Design



We build places that make you feel good…

Here’s a great example of design utilizing architectural daylighting techniques. We designed this space to receive maximum sunlight during the cold and gloomy winter months. The photo was taken in January. Notice how the sun’s rays start from the windows behind the camera and literally travel through the space to the rear wall, creating interesting light patterns and washing the room with warmth and sunlight. As the low winter sun moves throughout the day the light patterns constantly shift and dance, creating ever-changing and interesting moods in the space. In the summer months, the suns rays are much stronger and higher in the sky and the home’s carefully designed overhangs, windows, and orientation allow only the hall in front of the windows to get direct rays of light. This keeps the room much cooler and more comfortable visually, allowing great light and comfort without blinding.

Whether it’s a new home or remodel, utilizing these techniques gives you the best of both worlds– energy efficiency and aesthetic pleasure.  Well designed and thought out places make you feel good when you are in them. Paying attention to the many “little” things is what separates a nice home from a truly special one.  Call us to discuss your upcoming special project or click here to schedule a “no strings” design and budget consultation.